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2012-2013 Teams

The 2012-2013 USAV Aloha Region season was the first that saw Lokahi field teams in junior age group tournaments over the entire season. The great majority of the girls were 12 years old or younger (12U) but there were enough older girls that we were also able to field a 14U team on occasion, when the girls could make it, and an 18U team, by playing some of the 14U with the 18U.

The 12U were dedicated and committed, most of them attending every practice and competing in tournaments nearly every weekend. Because the 12U were ever-present, this site features their two teams. There simply was not enough material available from the 14U/18U teams to use here. If some material becomes available, it will be added.

Lokahi Volleyball Club 12U Red Team

12U Red Team

This group of girls from different communities and schools came together as the Red Team in December of 2012. Some had a year's experience playing in an 11U league but a few were new to organized volleyball. What they had in common was a desire to learn and the dedication and commitment to do so. They quickly learned the basics of Mr. P's system. As a team, they developed an unrivalled competitive spirit and camaraderie which allowed them to truly compete in every tournament they played. As generally the older of the Lokahi 12U, they enjoyed great success and took their parents and coaches on a magical ride. This Lokahi 12U Red Team literally came out of nowhere to win half of the 16 tournaments they entered and finish second in more than half of the tournaments they didn't win, showing a consistently high level of play throughout the season. They ended the season with a third-place finish in the Gold bracket of the 12U Regional Championships, then travelled to Kauai and won the 12U Gold Division championship of the Hooikaika Tournament.

Lokahi Volleyball Club Hooikaika