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Huikahi Volleyball Club Coaches

Huikahi Coaches

The Huikahi Volleyball Club coaches are all volunteers, giving back to the sport in the hope that the Huikahi players will learn the game, enjoy the experiences, develop the friendships, and learn the life lessons that the coaches did when they played. The coaches are dedicated to the girls, and show their commitment to them by sacrificing their own time and money to be there for the girls and to keep the cost low for each family. With the girls putting in the same effort, the coaches expect the club to succeed.

Coach Courtland

Coach Courtland is Huikahi's original coach and continues to serve as its head coach. He brings both experience and knowledge from having played and coached for decades with Lokahi Volleyball Club under his coach, Pedro "Pete" Velasco Jr. - a two-time Olympian, Hall of Fame member, All-American, and recognized as an All-time Great Volleyball Player - who founded Lokahi and developed the system of play which made Lokahi one of the top clubs in the State. It is Mr. P's system of play being taught to Huikahi players. As Huikahi's head coach, Courtland will help coach each of our Teams.

Coach Meadow

Coach Meadow is an original member of Huikahi, starting play when she was an 11U with Lokahi, playing for Coach Courtland, then transitioning to Huikahi when Lokahi ceased travel. She was a six rotation player, a testament to the ability of our system to enable its players to compete against all opponents. Meadow was a fierce competitor, known for her deadly short serve and her reckless abandon, using her command of floor skills to fearlessly hit the floor to save every ball. Now home from college, Meadow will lead our 14U Team.

Coach Alika

Coach Alika is THE MAN! After watching a Huikahi Team defeat his eldest daughter's team, then later meeting Mr. P, he decided that he wanted his younger daughters to learn and play Mr. P's system. Huikahi had been the last club teaching it after Lokahi shut down, so Alika got Courtland out of a short retirement to teach a new group of girls. Alika is the main reason there are enough players to have a Huikahi Volleyball Club. He had previously played a partial version of our system, so is eagerly learning the more complete version, along with his younger daughters and the rest of the players. Alika will lead our 18U Team.