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Huikahi Volleyball Club Juniors Photo Gallery

This page contains photos and video from the Huikahi season, as provided by parents. You will be able to click on any of the future photos to see a related slide show. Any coming videos will be high resolution so please allow time for your computer to buffer. We look forward to parents contributing the photos and videos which will be added as they become available. To see photos and video of Huikahi girls playing for their former club, go here.

All at Fountain
2018 Summer Soiree
Coming Soon
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2017 AAU National Championships
Soiree T
2016 Anaheim Summer Soiree
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Aloha Summer Classic
2016 15U Regionals Video Excerpts
2016 Late-Season 15U Video Excerpts
2016 Mid-Season 15U Video Excerpts
2016 Early-Season 15U Video Excerpts
Kalei & Tai
Kalei Adolpho & Tai Manu-Olevao
Working Together
Working Together 2016 Season
Supporting Friends 2015

Mahalo for watching and sharing some of our experiences this season. We are thankful for the dedication, commitment, and hard work of our girls, to our parents who enabled us to make and enjoy these experiences, and to our opponents who tested us, strengthened us, and motivated us. Aloha!