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Huikahi Juniors Sponsors

The core Huikahi group began fundraising, in August of 2015, to help offset the cost of travel for our teams. We are grateful to retain the support of several past sponsors, as well as gained new sponsors, all who have seen the worthiness of our teams so are donating toward the cost of our teams' travel. We are most grateful to all these sponsors for supplementing our fundraising and helping to make the trip possible for our teams. Mahalo nui loa to them! If you would also like to help our young girls, please contact one of our coaches, or our administrator. This page will recognize sponsors who help our Huikahi girls.


Leu, Okuda, & Doi, Esq.

Law LogoThe law firm of Leu, Okuda & Doi believes that all are equal under the law. The entry to their offices prominently features a display dedicated to King Kamehameha's Law of the Splintered Paddle, wherein the rights of all people are equal. In pursuing their main fields of foreclosures, bankruptcies, and probate and family law, they take a team approach, with respect and fairness to all, and it is those same qualities of teamwork, humility, and fair play that they see in our teams, and is what led them to continue to support us. We appreciate their support and pledge to continue to compete to the best of our ability, together as a team, and to do so humbly and with good sportsmanship.



Kelii LogoKelii Ukulele makes handcrafted ukulele in Hawaii that are available at some of the most affordable prices while being acknowledged as providing beautiful sound. Just as the founder of Kelii learned his volleyball in Hawaii, then took it throughout the world as a standout player for the U.S. Air Force, so is he doing his part to spread the humble ukulele beyond Hawaii. Just as he appreciates the sweet music of his ukulele, so does he appreciate the sweet play of our teams as they continue the tradition of Hawaii volleyball that he is so proud to have been a part of when he played with our current head coach. We recommend trying a Kelii ukulele if you're in the market for a reasonably priced, made in Hawaii, quality sounding uke!


SheilaWith her decades of experience and expertise in financial and retirement planning, Sheila knows a good investment when she sees one! She was impressed enough by our teams' achievements in past seasons to continue to support them this season as they continue to grow. She can certainly spot an investment that will grow and we are pleased that she views our Huikahi teams as having good value today and great potential for the future. While she will trust our girls and their coaches to play their best, you can trust her to do her best to help you plan for your financial security and retirement. We recommend that you contact her if you want to learn more about your financial future and how to secure it.

ADR Agency

ADR LogoADR Agency is Hawaii's premiere talent and modeling agency. With their eye for talent they can easily see the abilty of our teams and just as they help talented models and actors go far, so they are helping our teams get to their destination. If you have acting or modeling aspirations, let ADR Agency step up to serve for you as they have done for us!


BillyDr. Lum has been practicing dentristry for decades with such care and expertise that many of his close friends and patients have dubbed him "Painless" for his smooth, soothing touch. Even as he advocates preventive care, his experienced eye can spot the tooth needing care and the strong healthy one. That same keen awareness led him to see the value of what is being taught to our teams. We thank him and recommend you visit him for great dental care!

In addition, we are also grateful to the several anonymous individuals who supported our girls with smaller donations. To paraphrase an oft repeated saying, "A little here, a little there, pretty soon it adds up to real money." Mahalo to ALL our generous sponsors!