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Huikahi Juniors Sponsors

In past years, the Huikahi ohana - players, coaches, and parents - worked together to raise the funds needed for our girls to travel, and we were supported by generous sponsors who helped to offset those costs. While we work to restart and rebuild, and travel is not imminent, we are grateful to retain the support of past sponsors who have seen the worthiness of our teams so continue to help lower our costs. Mahalo nui loa to them! If you would also like to help our young girls, please contact one of our coaches, or our administrator. This page will recognize sponsors who help our Huikahi girls.


Kupaa Log

AwardKupa'a means strong, and with their years of experience and expertise in financial and retirement planning, Kupa'a knows a good strong investment when it sees one! They were impressed enough by our teams' achievements in past seasons to continue to support us this season even as our girls continue to grow. Kupa'a can certainly spot an investment that will grow and we are pleased that they view our Huikahi teams as having good value today and great potential for the future. While Kupa'a will trust our girls and their coaches to play their best, you can trust them to do their best to help you plan for your financial security and retirement. They will stand strong for you! We recommend that you contact them if you want to learn more about your financial future and how to secure it.


Mr. Joseph Gronwald

Joe Hapuu
Joe's continuing personal support of Huikahi carries great significance far beyond any monetary value. Joe is the father of one of our former players and his kokua attests to the extent of his recognition of and appreciation for the worth of both the volleyball and life skills taught to his daughter throughout her time with Huikahi. They have become now and forever truly a part of our ohana! Me ke mahalo palena 'ole!

In addition, we are also grateful to the several anonymous individuals who supported our girls with smaller point winning donations. To paraphrase an oft repeated saying, "A little here, a little there, pretty soon it adds up to real money." Winning points wins sets; winning sets wins matches! Mahalo nui to ALL our generous sponsors!