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Huikahi Volleyball Club Juniors 2018


• Congratulations to Lauren for being the only player from her high school team to be recognized by coaches and media in voting for the 2018 All-State Volleyball Team, as reported here by the Star-Advertiser.
Congratulations also go to Agnes, who helped her high school team take home the 2018 D2 State Volleyball Championship.

• Huikahi ended its last season by traveling to Anaheim to compete in its third major tournament of the season, the 10th Annual Summer Soiree. To see more about the trip, go here.

• Our second major tournament of this last season was our trip to Haili, which was notable for our young ladies getting to meet and talk with the originator of our system of play, Pedro "Pete" Velasco Jr., two-time USA Olympian and member of both the Hawaii Hall of Fame and the International Volleyball Hall of Fame.

• In the first major tournament of the last season, the Grand Prix tournament at the Hawaii Convention Center, our girls finished third in their age group.